F A C T S .

. Birth Name:  Gabriel Youssef Chahine
. Religion: Christian
. Family Roots: Syria-Lebanon-Greece-Italy.
. Nicknames: Joe, El Ostaz, Gaby, Maestro.
Date of birth: January 25th, 1926
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Alexandria, Egypt
Current Location: Zamalek - Cairo, Egypt
Education: * Pasadena Playhouse, Pasadena, California, acting and film, 1948
                    * Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt, engineering
                    * Victoria College (high school).

. Job Titles: Director, Actor, Producer, Screenwriter
Married Status:  wife, Colette Favaudon

. Member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1983.

. Member of the jury at the Venice Film Festival in 1980

. Timeline:

  • 1948 Returned to Egypt from California; worked with Egyptian-born Italian documentarist Gianni Vernuccio; introduced to film production by cameraman Alvisi Orfanelli, "the pioneer of Egyptian cinema"

  • 1949 Feature directing debut, "Baba Amin/Papa Amin"

  • 1951 He was first invited to the Cannes Film festival with LE FILS DU NIL (IBN EL NIL).

  • 1953 Credited with discovering actor Omar Sharif (acting under his real name Michel Shalhoub) who made his debut in Chahine's first major film, the political drama "Struggle in the Valley/The Blazing Sky"

  • 1958 First screen collaboration with writer Naguib Mahfouz, "Gamila Buhrayed/Jamila the Algerian"

  • 1958 Helmed "Bab al-Hadid/Cairo Station", considered by some critics as one of his finest films

  • 1964 Left country for voluntary exile in Lebanon due to conflict with government film authorities; made first film in Lebanon, 1965's "Bayya' al-khawatim/The Ring Seller" (date approximate)

  • 1968 Directed first Egyptian-Soviet coproduction, "Al-Nas fi'l-Nil/People of the Nile/Men of the Nile" (made in 1968, released in 1972 after two revisions demanded by censors)

  • 1973 Formed own production comapny, Misr International Productions and directed first Egyptian-Algerian co-production, "Al Usfur/The Sparrow"

  • 1976 Suffered heart attack and had open heart surgery in London which led to his beginning the autobiographical "Alexandria...Why?" (1977) (date approximate)

  • 1979 He was awarded the Silver Bear prize and the Grand Jury prize for ALEXANDRIE POURQUOI (ISKANDERIJA LIH) the first installment in what will prove to be an autobiographic trilogy completed by LA MEMOIRE (ADDUTA MISRIJIA) (1982) and ALEXANDRIE ENCORE ET TOUJOURS (ISKANDERIJIA KAMAN OUE KAMAN) (1990)

  • 1982 Continued autobiographical filmmaking with "Hadduta misriya/An Egyptian Story"

  • 1985 Wrote and directed "Adieu Bonaparte", about Napoleon's Egyptian campaign

  • 1994 Directed and scripted "The Emmigrant", a retelling of the Biblical story of Joseph fromthe Egyptian perspective

  • 1997 Co-wrote and directed "Al Massir/Destiny", a biographical feature about the Muslim philosopher Averroes who ran into conflicts with fundamentalists in 12th Century Spain

  • 1997 Honored at the Cannes Film Festival for the body of his work

  • 1998 Subject of a retrospective at the New York Film Festival; US premiere of "Destiny"

  • 1999 Helmed "L'Autre/El Akhar/The Other"; opened Un Certain Regard in the Cannes festival. Also screened at the New York Film Festival

  • 2001 "Silence ... We're Rolling" screened at the New York Film Festival.

  • 2004 ALEXANDRIE... NEW YORK. The film reassesses more than 50 years of filmmaking.